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7 Wonderful Weeks


Volunteer travel diaries: 7 Wonderful Weeks – Scandinavia, The Baltics, Poland, Austria and Strasbourg, France.  Our first stop was Frankfurt followed by Hamburg, which we used as rest and relaxation points with some sightseeing after the long flight. These two cities are very eclectic with notable levels of high migration from the recent refugee

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Cruises, waterfalls and Henry VIII’s Toilet!


Glenda at the Waterfall of the Gods in Akureyri, Iceland. Volunteer travel diaries: Journey through bustling cities and dramatic landscapes with volunteer, Glenda, as she travels from Hong Kong to Iceland and the UK.  In August I left for Hong Kong to stay with my nephew and his wife. They live on the 60th

Cruises, waterfalls and Henry VIII’s Toilet!2018-10-16T00:23:46+00:00
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