Nutritional Cooking Sessions


At Sutherland Food Services we are all about nutrition, choice, information and your wellbeing. For some that might mean a delivered frozen meal, a hot lunch, or cooking a meal. Consequently “Your Kitchen” has been developed to provide cooking and nutritional demonstrations to complement our meal service. The program has been designed to respond

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Our Campaign | The Simple Things


The Simple Things  We are Sutherland Shire’s not for profit meal service provider helping the elderly and most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team and volunteers have been receiving such beautiful feedback from our valued customers, in particular from our new customers who recently decided or were forced to find a reliable and

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New Menu | Take A Trip Around The World


NEW MENU WINTER 2020  Sutherland Food Services are excited to bring our customer a new menu featuring some new winter favourites as well as some around the world classic dishes. We hope this surprises and delights our valued customers who might be self-isolating at home during these difficult times. Seems you can't dine-out we

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What’s On Foodies | July 2020


Introducing Barry... one of our new customers and "poster boy" during COVID-19 Barry is an independent man, living alone and generally able to shop and cook for himself. However, because of COVID-19 Barry had to find other options for his nutrition. Contacting Sutherland Food Services has opened the door for Barry to a whole

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Tired of cooking for one or two?


Our new customer Barry was but look at him now! We are the leading meal service in the Sutherland Shire helping elderly residents in the area to live more independently at home. If you're tired of cooking and looking for a healthy and affordable alternative Sutherland Food Services is here for you. Frozen or

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Are you over 65 and self isolating?


Dear elderly, during this unsettling time be assured we are maintaining our meal service commitment to you. We are Sutherland Shire’s not for profit meal service provider helping the elderly and most vulnerable during these unprecedented times. If you’re self-isolating or concerned about the empty shelves in store you can worry less with our

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Foodies – August 2019


Eat Well Live Well At Sutherland Food Services we are all about providing services and supports that improve quality of life and independence through learning practical skills to stay active, improving overall health and maintaining balance in your life. A great start is a healthy diet and meal plan, especially for our senior

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Introducing the ‘Nimble’


We would like to introduce the “Nimble” as part of our product range. This little device can make a world of difference to those who may be visually impaired or lack strength cutting or opening things. They are particularly helpful for our customers as a safe option once they have heated their meals. Only

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Foodies – May 2019


“When people are talking about you, answer them” This month’s Foodies is about spreading the word and more importantly LISTENING. The new Aged Care Standards are focused on the consumer, their story, their experiences and the service they want. Whilst we have adjusted our service delivery for our current customers we are also

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Foodies – March 2019


Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create. Oprah Winfrey This month’s edition of Foodies celebrates International Women’s Day with the theme Balance for Better. It’s at this time of the year that we acknowledge the achievements of the powerful and visionary women in our lives,

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