To say our volunteers are committed, busy and active members of our community is an understatement!

Dianne Wackwitz and her husband, Steve, volunteer delivering hot lunches to our Sutherland Food Services customers and are also active members of the Heathcote Engadine Baptist Church.

Dianne runs a program called Enrich that provides a range of activities and opportunities for people to relax, build strong relationships and stay connected to their community.

Enrich offers a walking group, games day and trips such as a visit to Parliament House with a wonderful lunch. Who knows, you could be sitting right next to Malcom Turnbull or Bill Shorten for afternoon tea!

Sutherland Food Services is extremely lucky to have wonderful, community-minded people like Dianne and Steve who work tirelessly to support our community.

For more information about Enrich please visit Heathcote Engadine Baptist Church, 1181 Old Princes Highway, Engadine or call (02) 9520 2551

Would you like to volunteer with us too? Click here to find out how.