What is Sutherland Food Services?


We are a community-based service operating under the Commonwealth Home Support Program, funded by the Department of Health and Aged Care. Our skilled board and staff ensure compliance with all regulations, and we hold a Food Safety License.

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How do I become a volunteer?


You can visit our volunteer page to find out more about our service and how to become part of the team. A current police clearance is required, but we will apply for it, cover the costs, and provide our online training program, which is easy to complete. We are also here to address any questions

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Who can use the service?


Any older Australian living in the Sutherland Shire who wishes to remain independent and in their own home and is: aged 65 years or over aged 50 years or over and identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander is the primary carer of someone with a registered disability. Registration is essential with My Aged Care by

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Where do the meals come from?


Our meals are sourced through our network of approved and trusted providers who are all HACCAP approved. We also provide a variety of modified meals.

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How do I pay for the meals?


We will send a detailed invoice to you or your representative at the end of each month. Our preferred payment method is direct debit, but you can also pay by calling with your credit card or by effecting a bank transfer. All necessary details will be provided to you.

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