Sutherland Food Services Joins Federal Future Fit Study to Shape Meal Service Evolution

We are pleased to advise that Sutherland Food Services will participate in the Federal Government’s Future Fit funding model feasibility study. This presents an exciting opportunity for us to contribute to the positive development of meal services. Joining forces with 30 other meal service providers in New South Wales and Queensland, this campaign guarantees that our services have a say in shaping and designing meal services.

Through our collective teamwork, we will generate precise and dependable data that can be utilised by local, state, and federal government decision-makers, as well as other stakeholders. This data will aid in future funding allocation and policy formulation, ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of meal services.

To spearhead this campaign, we have established a Future Fit Service Team under the guidance of Miles Morgan, our appointed consultant. The team comprises five services from New South Wales and five from Queensland, with Sue Green serving as the Convenor for New South Wales.

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