Our Menu Plans

It’s never too late to change your diet and improve the way you look and feel.

Important Tips When Considering a Sutherland Food Services Meal Plan

  • Frozen meals have the same, if not more, nutrition content than many fresh foods

  • They are convenient – you have a ready made selection in your freezer

  • Easy storage

  • Readily available

Our friendly staff are on hand to assist. We can tailor a meal plan to suit all your needs.


  1. BREAKFAST ON THE RUNCereal, milk, fruit and juice.
  2. EGG-CITING BREAKFASTSpinach and feta omelette, an Up & Go and fruit.
  3. A TASTE OF HONEYPorridge with honey and fruit, and a juice.
  4. BUBBLE & SQUEAKBubble and squeak with sausage, cheese and biscuits, and a juice.
  5. A TOUCH OF FRANCECheese and tomato croissant, juice and a muffin bar.
  6. TUNA & CRACKERSTuna with mayonnaise, rice crackers, juice and a muffin bar.