Future Fit Collective introduces Open-Source Software, marking a groundbreaking shift for in-home care providers

Spearheaded by progressive Meals on Wheels providers, this initiative establishes a platform named Open Care Tech, overseen by the newly formed Future Fit Collective. Peter Gallagher, Manager of Tamworth Meals On Wheels and a founding director, emphasises its potential for market parity in government-funded care. Open Care Tech supports meal delivery operations for older Australians, NDIS participants, and private clients.

With initial adoption from two providers, including Meals on Wheels Central Coast, the collaborative effort aims to streamline operations and enhance client focus. By fostering a vibrant community of users and developers, the software evolves to meet evolving needs. Licensing terms ensure open access and collaborative improvement, aligning with the collective goal of enhancing care quality and efficiency. Quarterly updates prioritise user feedback, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. The initiative’s broader aim is to optimise resource utilisation and elevate care standards industry-wide, emphasising community collaboration and public benefit.

Sue Green, Manager of Sutherland Food Services (Founding Director of Future Fit Collective Ltd) said, “Building a community of users and ecosystem of paid and volunteer developers is not dissimilar to what each of us does in running a meal service.”

“Anyone who has managed a volunteer-driven organisation knows that being able to point to the public good is critical in being able to recruit people to your cause – and this is a unique opportunity for the IT sector to show some love, albeit in-directly, to their grandparent’s generation,” she said.

Overall, Future Fit Collective invites universal adoption and contribution to drive positive impact in care provision.

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