At Sutherland Food Services we are all about nutrition, choice, information and your wellbeing. For some that might mean a delivered frozen meal, a hot lunch, or cooking a meal.

Consequently “Your Kitchen” has been developed to provide cooking and nutritional demonstrations to complement our meal service. The program has been designed to respond to customer’s requests around healthy meal options and variety in menu planning as well as:

  • Healthy food options “The Healthy Food Pyramid”;
  • How to read and understand food panels on packaging;
  • Easy, quick and nutritious meal options;
  • Shopping tips and tricks.

As important as the nutritional information is the social connection. The sessions are a fun way to connect over food. Our recent sessions with members of Gymea Community Aid & Information service and Frank Vickery Independent Living residents have been a wonderful way to help participants stay connected with each other in a safe environment during COVID19.