Food Review from Barbara Jones

Barbara recently underwent a minor knee surgery and chose to purchase a week of home-delivered meals from Sutherland Food Services to make preparing meals easier whilst she recovered at home. Barbara was so impressed with the meal quality that she wrote in to share her review on each meal with us.

Bon appetit!

Pork Steak and Vegetables with Honey Soy Sauce
I couldn’t have prepared a better meal myself. Plenty of meat, vegetables, and the size of the meal was more than adequate.

Atlantic Salmon
Beautiful, moist, good-sized serving of salmon with a lovely sauce that compliments the fish, and more than enough vegetables to support the meal.

Roast Turkey
Turkey was moist, not dry, and I doubt could have cooked a single serve of roast turkey to this quality. The vegetables serving for this a more than enough for one person.

Beef Ragu
What a wonderful meal! I could have had seconds. Lovely chunks of beef, meaty, so well cooked and prepared, with a generous serving of vegetables.

Pulled Pork
There would be no way I could prepare pulled pork for just one person. This was a delightful meal! A generous serving of pork and vegetables, such a lovely meal, I highly recommend it.

This is a tasty, comforting and generous sized meal, the quality of the ingredients is superb.

“The quality of each meal meant I didn’t need to add anything to make them a reasonable meal. In the past I have bought pre-prepared meals from retail outlets but I have always need to add extra vegetables or flavour. Not so with the meals from Sutherland Food Services. All meals deserved to be rated 10/10! Thank you.”
Barbara Jones.