Introducing Barry… one of our new customers and “poster boy” during COVID-19

Barry is an independent man, living alone and generally able to shop and cook for himself. However, because of COVID-19 Barry had to find other options for his nutrition.

Contacting Sutherland Food Services has opened the door for Barry to a whole range of meal options. He is working his way through the menu, with main meals, soups and desserts.

His favourite thus far is the Lamb Shanks with creamy mash closely followed by Atlantic Salmon with lemon and dill cream sauce. Barry is now one of our favourite customers. He tells us he has never felt better and loves having a chat with the volunteers, checking the updates with the footy and of course what’s happening around the world.

We are open for business Monday to Friday with ample stock and willing and able volunteers on hand to keep the deliveries on time to your door. Keep a look out for Barry on the back of buses driving around the Shire.

To find out more visit or call 1300 637 301.